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c'est la vie

Do we take our lives for granted or would you say you love and live each day as it were your last. For the past two years this has been an ongoing struggle for many. With the uncertainty of health freedom and now the impacts of war and inflation the thoughts of living a care free life for some has vanished. But what if I told you….. You cannot be afraid to live and afraid to die! What if I told you, you only had 365 days to live. Would you live life differently. Would you eliminate all the things we hear in social media and just live life according to your own compass. I believe this life is a gift and there’s no wrong or right way of living we were all put on earth for purpose and I believe that was to live our life to the fullest with intention and purpose and to encourage others to do the same. We all have Beautiful attributes that we bring to this world & intriguing perspectives. If we are all able to just see how amazingly beautiful we each are and tap into our natural god given talents life may flow so much more calmly. But back to what I was saying, if you only had 365 days to live what would you do differently would you start planning for the trip you been putting off. Or would you talk to that relative that you’ve been ignoring for all these years. Would you finally put yourself out there and start doing everything you ever wanted on your Bucket list and live life With full intention. My challenge for us for this week is to create a list at least 10 things that you’d like to accomplish in the next three months and start living life with true intention. #Intention #Live #LiveIntentionally

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